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UnlocalizedString is an intermediate class that interfaces with <a title="Localize" href="http://ugh.graveck.com/wiki/localize">Localize</a> to provide localization support.  This class represents a string which will not be swapped with other languages at runtime.  This is most often used for numbers, UI elements, or specific proper names. [table caption="Variables" colwidth=20%|20%] name, type, description baseText, string, The represented text. Text, string, Returns baseText. [/table] [table caption="Functions" colwidth=20%|20%] name, type, description UnlocalizedStringMarker, string, A static function that can be used to mark a string-literal in script as unlocalized. [/table] &nbsp; <strong>Using UnlocalizedString in Script</strong> [sourcecode language="csharp"]static public string UnlocalizedStringMarker(string text)[/sourcecode] This function may be used to mark string-literals as unlocalized.  This is not necessary, but can be useful when using various editor tools in <a title="Localize" href="http://ugh.graveck.com/wiki/localize">Localize</a> to track down text.

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