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Selection Sets

Selection Sets

Graveck UDev Selection Sets Utility

Simply Type in the name of the Set you want to use,
then select the number of your selection, hit save, and you’ve
got a selection saved and serialized to file! Its simple.
This file will persist and you can then load in the saved selections
next time you open Unity, so you won’t lose your selections anymore.

The selections once saved will behave just like the native Unity ones,
using the currently programmed hotkeys for “loading” the selections.

Save multiple sets! Just pick a new name and save your selections out.
Type in the name of the set you want to switch to and hit Load Set.
Now the selections that are in the hotkey slots will be changed to what you loaded in.

Only the first Ten selections per set will be placed into the hotkeys.
If you want a selection outside of the first ten, then just put in the number
of your selection and hit Select!

Really simple and useful tool for managing multiple sets of selections that can be kept
per project and can even be shared via version control.

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