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Light Probe Utility

Light Probe Utility

Graveck UDev Light Probe Utility

Light Prober is a tool to procedurally place light probes. This elminates
the need for skill and also reduces the amount of time and effort requred
for placing probes.

* Create a Game Object that will hold the light probe group.

* Add a box collider to the Game Object and size it such that it
covers the entire area you wish to populate with light probes.

* With the object selected, Select Edit->Light Prober->Scatter Probes from the menu.
(This should add a Light Probe Group component to your Game Object and
populate it with probe positions.)

* From the menu select Window->Lightmapping and then bake probes.
(This may take a while, depending on the desnity of your probes.)

* From the menu select Edit->Light Prober->Optimize Probes.
(This process should remove a great deal of probes from the scene.)

* Be sure to bake probes one final time before testing.

* (Remember to have “use light probes” checked on the object you want to preview the light probes with)
If the default settings for populating probes or optimizing them does not
work with your current situation, you can modify some of the values. Open
up LightProber.cs and review the static private values at the top of the

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