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UGH – Unity GUI Helper

The Ugh Philosophy: A GUI framework for Unity that naturally and flexibly extends the Unity editor.  We take Unity’s strengths and utilize them instead of reinventing the wheel.

Why Ugh?

  • Sprite atlasing for minimal draw calls and optimization.
  • Real-time visual editing in the scene view.
  • Thorough scripting reference, video tutorials, and example scenes.
  • Flexible and easily extendable.
  • Create polished transitions with the Unity Animation Editor.
  • Full source code available.
  • Touch and mouse input channel through the same interface.
  • Great for both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Supports any resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Localization support.
  • Multiple resolution support.

Getting Started

To get started using Ugh, make sure that the Editor and Plugins folders have been moved into the project’s main Assets folder. Unity looks for them there, and if it doesn’t find them there, many parts of Ugh won’t work properly.

We recommend starting by following the written and video tutorials that cover Ugh basics.  Click here to go to the first one.

There is a handful of information not covered that can be observed in the example scenes contained within the project files.  The example files include  AnimationHorizontal Snap Scrolling, Layering/Input Blocking, Moveable Windows, Stretch Examples, Toggle and Slider.

Tips and Tricks

Visit our Tips page for more info.